God has prepared a unique place for each of His children that is beneficial to them in walking out their commitment to the Lord. True membership does not stem from signing up and taking a pledge but is formed by coming into right relationship with and under the lordship of Jesus Christ. However, in order to walk in the path that God has planned for you there must also be a visible and practical expression of Church membership. By uniting and committing yourself to the body of believers that God has called you to, you allow yourself to experience the anointing, mission and blessings placed on that church.


Every true believer in Christ must consider the question of church membership. The dynamics of Christian life was meant to be shared with those of the same faith. By joining the local church that God has planned for you, you can expect to experience:

  • the love of God through His people
  • a sense of belonging and accountability
  • the strength of uniting and working with others towards a common goal
  • the ability to receive personal Godly counsel from other Christians


God has intended the local church as a vehicle to guide and strengthen His people. If you do not already have a church home, we encourage you to ask God today what church He prepared for you. Whether you are called to Faith Christian Church or another anointed ministry, become planted, commit yourself to the work of God and experience the love and anointing that comes through fellowshipping with other believers.

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